About us

The President’s editorial


Welcome to the UGEI website.


The philosophy of the Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes – the Union of Independent Higher Education Institutions – is based on independence, that is, autonomous governance within a clear contractual framework; it is also based on the values associated with French education: excellence, innovation and secular humanism.


Because we share the same values, I am convinced that our collective identity represents the sum of its parts, rather than the average. I am also convinced that we see our common remit as an area in which we can work together collaboratively and that we play a crucial role in the complex field of Higher Education and Research. Agility and solidarity are our assets.


UGEI supports its 36 member institutions in serving the public interest by being a recognized spokesperson with government and local authorities. The best way for us to demonstrate the value of our social, political and business model is by being bold, acting with determination and keeping an open dialogue with all stakeholders.


Proactivity, commitment and innovation in teaching, social responsibility and investment in research make UGEI institutions key players, committed to training young men and women, responsible citizens who will oversee the balanced development of our regions and growth that is mindful of the environment. 


UGEI’s strengths lie in our organization’s diversity and in the independence of its members. Its size gives it power. Its mission is to become a recognized quality certification for academic and scientific excellence and to let everyone know about it !



Sincerely yours,

Jean-Michel Nicolle