About us

The President’s editorial


Welcome to the UGEI website.


UGEI, a recognized spokesperson in higher education for more than 25 years, supports its 35 member schools in their lobbying actions with institutional bodies to defend the values that bind us together: independence, excellence, innovation, humanism and secularism.


UGEI is above all a place in which its members can work together collaboratively and play a crucial role with a common desire to progress together, and to set up projects in the fields of teaching, research and social commitment in the service of knowledge and progress.


We are committed to collectively defending our models and our specificities. And our diversity is also our strength, we encourage all initiatives, ideas, expertise and reflection.


Proactivity, responsibility and agility, those are the values that lie at the heart of UGEI schools educational projects.


Within UGEI, our schools are committed to :


- affirming their importance within Higher Education,

- promoting the quality of the institutions,

- sharing their expertise,

- participating in the structuring of a European private higher education network in a spirit of cooperation and exchange,

- defending their interests for the benefit of the community.



Sincerely yours,

Etienne Craye