Members :

Because they meet the standards of academic quality and excellence, all the UGEI member schools are recognized by the French State and thus able to award a Master’s diploma; some also benefit from high level international educational accreditations.

  • 34 Master’s level schools
  • 1 school of Design
  • European Label EUR Ace for engineerings trainings
  • 4 accredited by AACSB
  • 7 accredited by EPAS
  • 2 accredited by AMBA

UGEI members are stakeholders in public and private accreditation and recognition bodies for higher education (CGE, CDEFI, CTI, CCESP…)

They also enjoy recognition from companies for the high labor market entry rates achieved by students. In addition, the fact that business representatives sit on members’ board and strategy development committees means that they are co-deciders as regards programs and also true educational partners. They are proud to associate their company’s brand with the school’s.

The current Executive took up its duties on 1 February 2020. Its members are :

Etienne CRAYE, ESIGELEC Director - President

Jean-Louis ALLARD, CESI Ecole d'Ingénieurs Director - Vice-President

Francis BECARD, Group YSCHOOLS Director - Vice-President

Jean-Michel NICOLLE, EPF Director - Vice-President

Lamia ROUAI, EBS Paris Director - Treasurer

Véronique BONNET, ESME SUDRIA Director

Florence DARMON, ESTP Director

Armand DERHY, PSB Director

Sébastien TRAN, EMLV Director

The work undertaken by UGEI also takes place in working groups and seminars.

This helps UGEI shape a common vision and communicate it in its dealings with authorities and professional organizations or during joint events.

Joining UGEI :

The rules and procedures for joining UGEI derive from the Articles of Association (Article 4) and the Rules of Procedure (Articles 1 et 2).