UGEI institutions contribute to the public service remit of French higher education and to the national standard of academic excellence. Their work serves the public interest, benefitting students, their families and society at large.


Their mission consists of:



  • advising, training, teaching, developing skills and competencies in order to impart knowledge and know-how

  • promoting innovative training methods and adapting learning tools to take into account students’ and companies’ needs

  • developing research activities serving companies and the nation

  • contributing to the economic development of national and international regions

  • supporting students and ensuring their employability



and more generally constantly striving to meet the needs of the business world.



These institutions contribute to public education through their investment in:



  • initial training

  • programs with an international element

  • recruitment of students from diverse backgrounds

  • vocational training

  • continuing education serving the business world

  • research, including all forms of partnership and collaborative work.



The object of the UGEI association, created in 1993, is to



  • represent independent higher education institutions, create a quality certification and promote the development of a higher education ethic,

  • encourage international links and the complementary of different UGEI members,

  • promote discussions on education, research and social issues,

  • to set up seminars, working groups and projects to serve its members.



Its object is also to represent the association’s members in any collective negotiation and to enter into any partnership or agreement in their name.



Currently, nearly 12 400 diplomas equivalent to Master’s level are delivered each year by the 35 UGEI schools. Young graduates encounter no difficulties in entering the labor market.